The National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve Visitation Rules






1.1. The Visitation Rules described below, hereinafter referred to as “the Rules”, lay down a procedure for conduct, order of visitation and enshrine basic rights of visitors in the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve, hereinafter referred to as “the Preserve” and expositionan.

1.2. The Rules have been developed on the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine, “On museums and museum activity”, “On tourism” and “On culture” Laws of Ukraine; “On the National institution of Ukraine Regulations” President’s of Ukraine Decree № 45 dated June, 16, 1995; “On the confirmation of the List of the paid services that the cultural institutions, established on the state and municipal property may offer” the Cabinet of Ministers’ of Ukraine Resolution № 1271 dated December, 12, 2011; “On realization of the right of socially disadvantaged groups to visit enterprises, institutions and organizations under the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine control on favorable conditions” Order of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine № 43 dated January, 30, 2013; the Preserve Statute, approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine № 224, dated March, 22, 2017.

1.3. The Rules requirements concern all the Preserve visitors, despite the nationality, gender, religion, age and purpose of visit, without exception.

1.4. Access of visitors to the Preserve and its exposition sites is being carried out daily at the specified Preserve Hours, namely:

– In winter: from 9am to 6pm (ticket desks are open until 5.30 pm, the sale of flowers at the exhibition is carried out until  17:00p.m);

– In spring, summer and periods, determined by the Preserve Administration: from 9am to 7pm (ticket desks are open until 6.30pm, the sale of flowers at the exhibition is carried out until  17:00p.m).

1.5. The reserve reserves the right to close the exhibition in general or separate halls, including for technical reasons.




2.1. Admission to the Preserve is only through checkpoints located at the Preserve entrances, namely:

– Holy Gate of the Trinity Church (Lavrska str., 9)

– Economic Gate of the All Saints Church (Lavrsky alley)

– South Gate (Blyzhnopecherna str.)

2.2. Admission to the Preserve and its exposition is carried out on condition of presentation of a ticket or a permit of the employee of the Preserve.

2.3. Flowers sale is carried out through the Reserve cash departments, established at the control points specified in paragraph 2.1. of these regulations.

2.3.1. The entrance to the Museum of Books and Printing of Ukraine, the Museum of History of Ukraine, the National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Arts, the Museum of Theater, Musical and Cinema Arts of Ukraine, the National Historical Library of Ukraine, the exhibition "Microminiatur of M.Syadristy", the bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral, is carried out on the respective days and hours. their work on the basis of tickets purchased at these institutions and a  ticket  of the Reserve.

2.4. The right to a free visit the Preserve fhave all citizens on the dates specified in Appendix 1 to these regulations.

2.5. Every Sunday in the last week of the month, the Reserve establishes a day of free visit to the territory and its exposition of the Reserve to persons belonging to the category of socially unprotected of the population in accordance with Appendix 2 to these regulations, subject to the presentation of relevant documents.

2.6. Visit the Preserve and its exposition objects for free by definite categories of citizens in accordance with Appendix № 3 to the Rules upon presenting relevant documents certifying they belong to that category of citizens.

2.7. Entrance of visitors to the Preserve and the exposition on a free basis is carried out subject to the presentation of an incoming flower (free of charge) and a document certifying the identity of the visitor to the relevant category of citizens.

2.8. Children's or school organized groups (under the age of 16), are allowed on the territory and exposition of the Reserve only with the accompaniment of adults.

2.9. Organized Visitor Groups have the right of visitors to the Preserve and its exposition, which are located on its territory in the presence of a relevant contract for the provision of services from the excursion service concluded between the Reserve and the relevant tourist company or provided the purchase of the appropriate flowers.




3.1. While visiting the Preserve the tourists are eligible to:

3.1.1. Explore the Preserve territory and exposition facilities in the excursion group, independently or use an individual excursion service.

3.1.2. Get directions, excursions, and places to collect tourists.

3.1.3. Get excursion services in accordance with the approved theme of the tour, taking into account the employment of excursions and scientific staff of the Reserve.

3.1.4. Make a reservation for the excursion service no later than one day before it is received.

3.1.5. Conduct amateur photo and video shooting in the Preserve with own technical facilities having the admission ticket as well as appropriate ticket-permission for amateur photo or (and)/video shooting. Professional video- and photography are possible only with the consent of the administration of the Preserve.

3.1.6. Leave comments about your visit to the Preserve and quality of the tours in the Guestbook.

3.2. Visitors of the Preserve and its expositions will be liability to:

3.2.1. Handle the Preserve property carefully, keep silence and follow the Rules requirements.

3.2.2. Meet legal demands of the Preserve and the Police Protection employees to respect the public order in the Preserve territory and its expositions.

3.2.3.Store purchased flowers before leaving the territory and expositions of the Preserve and present them at the request of the Reserve workers.

3.2.4. Leave the Preserve territory and its exposition sites before the Preserve closing.




4.1. Enter the Preserve by any vehicle without special Preserve Administration permission. 

4.2. Move on any means (roller skates, bicycles, skateboards, children cars, etc.) except wheelchairs or wheelchairs.

4.3. Arrive in the Preserve with animals of all kinds..

4.4.  Visit the Preserve in the state of alcohol, narcotic or other toxic substances intoxication. Smoke in the Preserve.

4.5. To break the order and silence, during a tour, use a mobile phone.

4.6. Contaminate the territory.

4.7. Bring objects that pollute the territory of the Preserve and the clothes of visitors.

4.8. To trade and distribute positgraphic, souvenir, promotional products on the territory of the Preserve. 

4.9. Conduct excursions to outsiders. The exclusive right to conduct excursions are: guides, scientific staff of the Reserve and guides who received written permission of the administration.

4.10. To perform actions that endanger the protection of historical and cultural monuments, to remove greenery.

4.11. To perform actions that contradict the norms of public morality, show contempt for other visitors and workers of the Preserve.

4.12. Visit the Preserve for children under 12 years of age without accompaniment to adults.

4.13. Bring weapons (gas, traumatic, cold and fire arms) to the Preserve. Exception is for the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine employees (upon presenting relevant certificate).

4.14. To bring (bring) explosive, combustible and flammable things to the territory.  

4.15. Set fire to dry grass, leaves, etc.

4.16. Come inside the fences.

4.17. Walk across and rest on the grass; picnicking.

4.18. Destroy, ruin, put pictures and inscriptions on the facades of buildings, small architectural forms (bins, boxes and benches) etc; stick information, posters and other products of information and advertising content.

4.19. Enter the premises under restoration and reconstruction.

4.20. Place tents, etc. without the proper Preserve Administration permission.

4.21. Perform all kinds of economic activities without proper Preserve Administration permission.

4.22. To engage in divination, tell fortunes and beg.

4.23. Use audio equipment with loud-hailers, sing, dance and play musical instruments without the Preserve Administration permission.

4.24. Conduct political agitation.

4.25. Arrange shows, etc. without the Preserve Administration permission.




5.1. Is carried out by the Preserve guides and researchers licensed by the Preserve Administration exclusively.

5.2. Organized tour groups are permitted to visit the Preserve territory and its exposition sites if the tour service contract between the Preserve and the appropriate tour agency has been concluded.

5.3. People, who escort organized groups of visitors, should inform every member of the group about the Rules.

5.4. Members of the organized school groups (under 16 years old) should be accompanied by adult(s).

5.5. Lecturer (guide) or researcher, who guides, should have the Preserve employee I.D. and official permit for the guided tour operation with him (her).

5.6. Touch museum exhibits.

5.7. Sit on the Preserve collection furniture etc.




6.1. Filming & photo & video shooting with professional equipment in the Preserve can be conducted with the Preserve Administration permission only.

To obtain permission for filming, photo & video shooting with professional equipment in the Preserve, you should send a letter to the Preserve Administration in advance – no later than five (5) calendar days before the expecting date of filming, photo & video shooting with professional equipment where the following information should be indicated:

– the purpose of filming, photo & video shooting with professional equipment on the Preserve territory and its exposition sites;

– name, surname and patronymic of the persons who will film, conduct photo & video shooting with professional equipment;

– the Preserve sites that you are planning to shoot;

– date, time and procedure of filming, photo & video shooting with professional equipment.

If the form of the letter and its submission terms don’t correspond to the above mentioned criteria, the Preserve Administration will be able to refuse the submitter to film, conduct photo & video shooting with professional equipment in the Preserve.

Upon the consideration of the request-letter, the compensation contract can be concluded.

6.2. Using the Preserve sites images in commercial purposes is possible only on the basis of the corresponding compensation contract concluded with the Preserve.




7.1. The Preserve Administration is entitled to:

7.1.1. Detain persons who guide without the Preserve Administration permission.

7.1.2. Change the Preserve & exposition objects working hours depending on the season, flow of visitors and public holidays.

7.1.3. Set ticket price, based on the relevant Preserve order.

7.1.4. Refuse the Preserve service to persons who are under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or other toxic substances.

7.1.5. Permit to conduct professional filming, photo & video shooting with the follow-up compensation contract conclusion.

7.1.6. If necessary, set limits on the number of tour groups presented in the objects.

7.1.7. Close exposition sites or selected premises (technical breaks including), according to the temperature and humidity monitoring data, which doesn’t correspond with the defined standards for the Preserve exhibits keeping.

7.1.8. Close exposition sites for other technical reasons.





8.1. In the Rules violation case, the visitor will be expulsed from the Preserve by the Preserve Internal guard and the Police Protection employees without ticket price and tour service compensation.

Those who refuse and / or violate these Rules will be removed from the Preserve by force.

8.2. A person who causes harm or material damage to the Preserve should compensate the material losses in full.

In case the visitor does not agree to compensate the losses to the Preserve, the letter may address the court to require the compensation for the inflicted harm or material damage.

8.3. The Preserve and the Police Protection employees monitor compliance with the Rules implementation.


Appendix № 1





1. On Easter Sunday (moveable feast).

2. On Christmas (January, 7).

3. On the Trinity Sunday (moveable feast).

4. On International Museum Day (May, 18).

5. On Independence Day of Ukraine (August, 24).

6. During religious services.


Appendix № 2






1. Children from orphanages and boarding schools.

2. Persons of the Ist and IInd disability groups (Ukraine).

3. Participants of the World War II.

4. Chernobyl disaster liquidators.

5. Warfare participants (Ukraine).

6. Army conscripts (Ukraine).

7. The Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine participants.

8. Schoolchildren.

9. Students and cadets.

10. Students of the secondary special educational institutions (Ukraine).

11. Retired people (Ukraine).


Appendix № 3




1. Museum staff of Ukraine, the ICOMOS and the ICOM members.

2. Preschool children.

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